Genetic Bank of Plants "UNAH-CURLA"
Is a garden pack with a variety of clone species and seasoning plants. That has been developed and continue to bethru international and national organizations dedicated to the conservation,
management and mostly have the distribution of phootogenetic resources, adapted to the conditions of the land and the tropical rainforest.

The Bank is in an area of 31 hectares were there is around 12000 trees, including: 46 varieties of
Avocados, 54 varieties of citrics, 61 varieties of Mangoes, 180 species and varieties of non-traditional Fruits, 9 species and varieties of seasoning Plants, 30 species of trees for lumbering of the Latifoliado, among them.

1. Consider to be one of the most delicious fruits in the worlds.
2. Durián, A fruit with a high content of proteins,believed to be aphrodisiatic.
3. From the seeds of this exotic plant is that we get the vanilla from which we     flavor our drinks, desserts sweets and baked goodies.
4. Black Pepper, black seasoning plant that is present in Honduran cooking.
5. Borojo fruit with anticarcinogen properties.
6. Jaboticaba, This fuit grows in the tree itself not in branches, and it's used for mermelades and drinks.
7. Akec, A fruit that is pretty exotic, it needs to ripen in the tree because if not it is extremely toxic.
8. Orange fruit with two colors.
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