La Ceiba, Honduras National Carnival:
La Ceiba is known truout Central America for its San Isidro Fair, which takes place at the end of May. The fair consist of all sorts of cultural activities, float parades, and it ends with the "Gran Carnaval de La Amistad" that means great carnival of friendship , when the main street of the city has a live band in every corner and it becomes a giant dance floore where people dance till dawn.

La Ceiba is flock by tourist from around the globe who come to enjoy the biggest party of Honduras.

Expect to be bombarded by a uniquely Latin American party experience. Amidst the loudly chattering, pulsing people, you will find whole animals being cooked in the streets, strange forms of gambling, and your typical useless fair trinkets. For your typical traveler, people watching can be an adventure in itself. You will see all kinds here, from scantily clad women to the older generation wearing traditional clothing. You may have trouble maneuvering through the city as the street vendors’ assortment of t-shirts, shoes, cheeses, toys, toiletries, and many other knick knacks overflow from the sidewalks into the streets. It is quite a site … like nothing you would ever see in the world.

La Ceiba gives a traveler a realistic glimpse of Central American city life. One sees it all here – The party itself was much better than we had expected, being able to experience Latin culture – music, costumes, and dancing – was a treat.

Make sure to go to the festival with hotel reservations, as getting a room upon arrival during Carnaval is next to impossible.

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