Butterfly and Insect Museum

The butterfly and insect museum open its doors to the public in April of 1996. This museum of one thousand square feet counts with more than 11,000 insects and butterflies from Honduras and around the world. The owner Robert Lehman has personally collected all of them during his lifetime.

This museum has received visitors from fifty-five countries, including insect and butterfly collectors who have come from every continent on earth to admire this fabulous museum.

In the museum you’ll enjoy:

. A Guided Tour in English or Spanish
. 6200 butterflies from Honduras
. 2400 insects from Honduras
. More than 1000 butterflies and insects from other countries
. Beetles and Live TARANTULAS!!!!!!!
. Videos, posters, books, traps, ultraviolet light to attract nocturnal butterflies.

1. The biggest butterfly, the brightest, the most colorful and the longest.
2. Morpyo Cypris, The shiniest butterfly in the world, originally from Honduras.
 The gem beetle, thought to be extinct.

4. Tarantula, It may seem frighten but it can actually be a long lasting pet, up to     30 years!!
5. Peanut Head butterfly
6. The emperor scorpion, biggest in the world, it is not deadly.
7. This beetle forceps are capable of handling a lot of weight.
8. Phyllium Giganteum, insectin shape of a leaf

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