Weather in our town is hot, sunny and hunid most of the year and in the months of October thru January is mostly rainy and less warm than usual. We recommend light clothing, jeans, shorts and cotton t-shirts, tennis shoes, casual and informal shoes.
If you are going to visit the national parks you should wear a light colored long sleeved shirt, and a pair of traction sport shoes.
If you are going out to the bars and discos nformal clothing is recommended, some places don´t allow sleeveless shirts.


La Ceiba is a small town, so the use of a taxi cab is very cheap, or if you decide to rent a vehicle traffic is very easy to get use to.

To orient yourself just remember that south is heading to the mountains and north is heading to the beach.

· If you are going to make currency exchange, always use the safety of a bank,   the price difference with the black market is very small.
· Always drink purified water, there are different brands and sizes in the market.
· If you are going out on the sun you can use a hat and sunglasses and don´t   forget the sunblock. At the beach and mountains you can use insect repelent.
· Even though La Ceiba is a city with low crime rates, you can find the touristic   police and preventive in all the streets, if you have any problem they will gladly   help you out.

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